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Minn Kota 1865007; Mkp-8 Propeller 2331120 Weedless

Minn Kota 1865007; Mkp-8 Propeller 2331120 Weedless
Minn Kota 1865007; Mkp-8 Propeller 2331120 Weedless
Price: $40.79

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SKU: LNS-27-1865007
MPN: 1865007
Description: Mkp-8 Propeller 2331120 Weedless

Weedless Wedge Propellers
2061125/MKP-6 FITS: 35A, 35TA, 40TA, 65TA, 35T, 50T, 50MXT, 65T, 555T, 565TA, 30AT, 33AT, 36AT, 36AT/H, 365T, 365TA, 365TMB, 765T, 765MXT, 765MXTA, 865T, 865MXTA, 665T, 665MXT, 30EX, 36EX, RT27/S, RT36/S, RT40/S 36PD/C, 36PD/AP/C, 40PD, 40AP, ENDURA34, ENDURA36, ENDURA38, ENDURA40, ENDURA PRO 32 ENDURA PRO 38, 40AT, 40AT/H, 40PD, MAX 30T, MAX 36T, MAX 40, POWERMAX 30, POWERMAX 36
2091150/MKP-7 FITS: 90T, 112, 112S/S, 312, 324, 512, 524, 412, 42AT, 48AT, 712, 712S/S, 724, 724S/S, 812, 824, 42EX, RT42/AP/C, RT48/AP/C, 42PD/C, 50PD, 55PD, 65PD, 55AP, 65AP, 42AT/H, 48AT/H, 42PD/AP/C, 48PD/AP/C, 65PD, 65PD/AP, GENESIS 55, GENESIS 55/AP, GENESIS 55/AP-US, MAX 44, MAX 44BT, MAX 44/H, MAX 44T, MAX 50T, MAX 50BT, MAX 50/SC, MAX 54, MAX 54/H, MAX 55, MAX 55BT*, MAX 55/H, MAX 55/SC, MAX 55T*, MAX 65, MAX 65T, MAX 65-US, MAX 65BT, MAX 65/H, MAX 65/SC, ENDURA 42, ENDURA 44, ENDURA 46, ENDURA 50, ENDURA 55, ENDURA PRO 46, 50AT, 50PD, 55PD/AP, 55PD-US, 55AP-US, 55AT, 55AT/H 65PD-US, 65AP-US, 65AT, SPIDER 48, RT42/S, RT50/S, RT55/S*, RT55/B/H*, RT55/SC/H, RT55/AP, RT65/S, RT65/B, RT65/AP, RT48/AP, CAMO 44, VANTAGE 50, VANTAGE 55, POWERMAX 52, 54PD PONTOON, 64PD PONTOON, POWERMAX 47, Neptune primary Propulsion Motors: EP42, EP48, EP65, EP96, EP130. Refer to original prop on motor.
2331120/MKP-8 FITS: 595W, 595M, 599W,599M, 795M, 795MX, 799M, 799MX, 3HPS/SBM, RT3.1/B, RT4.3/B, 3.1HP/B, 4.3HP/B, 95W, 95M, 99W, 99M, 3HP, 3HPS/STM, 395W, 395M, 399W, 399M, RT70/S, RT/74/S, 55EX, 70EX, RT70/B, RT74/B/H (Bow), RT74/B (Latch&Door), 55AT/H, 70AT/H, 70T/H, 4HP, RT3.1/S, RT4.3/S, 3.1HP/S, 4.3HP/S, 64AP, MAX 74, MAX 74-US, MAX 74/H, MAX 74T, MAX 74BT, 64PD, 62PD/AP, VANTAGE 74, GENESIS 74/AP, GENESIS 74, GENESIS 74/AP-US, MAG SERIES: 36W, 36M, 40W, 40M, 736MX, 740MX, 36MTM, 36WRM, 36MRM, 40WRM, 40MRM, 40MRW
2331130/MKP-24 FITS: MAX 101, MAX 101/H, VANTAGE 101, RT101/S, RT101/S/3X, RT101/B, RT101/B/H, RT101/B/BG/3X, VECTOR 101/3X

Prop Nut Kit = B
Fits = 4" Motor dia.
Propeller # = 2331120/MKP-8
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